Red Light Accident Statistics

It’s a bit jarring any time you see someone run a red light, which is probably how you landed on this post about red light accident statistics. You can just tell how dangerous it is. This is true even when


Security Mistakes and Premises Liability

Of all the dangers you might encounter on private or commercial property, violence is usually the most harrowing. They must deal with the physical injuries suffered in such incidents and any psychological trauma they may also suffer. Unfortunately, many properties


Disabled and Pregnant: Medical Malpractice

Pregnancy and childbirth often require the guidance of caring, knowledgeable medical professionals to avoid the myriad problems that can crop up. But what if you have a doctor who doesn’t understand your underlying medical conditions and how they may –


Shoulder Pain After Car Accident

Many injuries can occur in a car wreck, but many don’t consider shoulder pain after a car accident. Some of these may impact a motorist’s shoulder. While some people think these aren’t serious injuries, they can have long-lasting effects on


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