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Learning to live with a spinal cord injury

Losing the use of your legs when you sustain a spinal cord injury in a motor vehicle collision is mind-boggling for anyone. Literally from one minute to the next, your life (and that of your family) is radically disrupted. Just about every facet of your everyday existence will be profoundly altered forever. 

Coming to terms with what you have lost and what comes next is a gradual process. It requires the understanding and compassion of your family, doctors and others who can guide you through this major transition. Although you may naturally feel overwhelmed, downcast or impatient at first, you may find it gets easier to cope with this difficult situation after the shock starts to ebb.

Seek advice from people who have gone through it

Some of the best sources of assistance are people who have experienced this kind of physical and emotional trauma and devised ways to resume their life on a new basis. Here are some wise suggestions from someone who fits that description:

  • Eat nutritious, well-balanced meals. You need your strength and stamina now.
  • Support groups exist for people with injuries like yours. Some get together in person, others are online. Consider joining one.
  • Exercise will fend off excessive weight gain and muscle loss.
  • Establish a daily pattern that suits you and adhere to it. Even something this fundamental can get you back on track.

You can do this

The circle of people close to you will be crucial as you go through the first days, weeks and months after your motor vehicle crash. They can boost your spirits, answer your questions and offer companionship and support. If you were injured in a wreck due to another driver’s negligence, professional help can make it easier for you to get compensation for your accident and pay for the things you’ll need for a better future. Contact an Easton spinal cord injury lawyer for more information.

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