Was your finger fractured during a fall? 

Falls are one of the most common causes of accidental injuries in the United States. Elderly people are more susceptible to these types of accidents, but what makes falls so dangerous is that they can essentially happen to anyone in


Learning to live with a spinal cord injury

Losing the use of your legs when you sustain a spinal cord injury in a motor vehicle collision is mind-boggling for anyone. Literally from one minute to the next, your life (and that of your family) is radically disrupted. Just


Uninsured Motorist Coverage Pennsylvania

Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage helps you if you can’t get the compensation you need from the driver who causes a crash. Do you need to carry uninsured motorist coverage in Pennsylvania? Pennsylvania drivers need liability coverage in case they


The leading cause of bike injuries 

From triathletes to daily commuters, all cyclists know that there are a lot of different ways for them to be injured while riding. They could become overexerted, they could fall off of the bike, they could suffer a heat stroke


Bad Faith Insurance Claims

If you are injured, you can often claim on insurance. If left to their own devices, insurance companies would probably find excuses to avoid paying out every claim ever submitted to them. After all, paying a claim diminishes their profit


Hand Injury From Car Accident

We often take the most crucial parts of our body for granted, and the hands are no exception. You use your hands in almost every aspect of your daily life. Whether you work as a manual laborer or office worker,


Car Seat Replacement After Accident

Car seat replacement after accident in Pennsylvania: if you’re dealing with the aftermath of a car crash, you may or may not be considering whether your child’s car safety or booster seat needs to be replaced. If your child wasn’t


What Plays a Factor in Your Stopping Distance?

What plays a factor in your stopping distance? For the most part, drivers across Easton, Pennsylvania, make their way around without running into problems. While there are always hazards on the roadways, road users are pretty good at reacting to


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