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The leading cause of bike injuries 

From triathletes to daily commuters, all cyclists know that there are a lot of different ways for them to be injured while riding. They could become overexerted, they could fall off of the bike, they could suffer a heat stroke or they could be injured in countless other ways. Riding a bike, like other forms of exercise, simply comes with some risks.

However, cyclists are able to mitigate a lot of these risks. They can become proficient at riding so that they don’t crash often, for example, and they can use a specified training program to avoid injury or overexertion. But there is one type of risk that cyclists can’t avoid, and it is, unfortunately also the leading cause of cyclist injuries.

Being struck by a car is a major risk

As you may have guessed, the number one problem for cyclists is being hit by a car. This leads to about 29% of all cyclist injuries, or nearly three out of 10. Even though this doesn’t give it a strict majority, this is the largest percentage of all injuries. In other words, the biggest risk that any cyclist will face when they pull out onto the street is simply that a driver is going to make a mistake and cause a collision.

These accidents happen for many different reasons. Some drivers don’t look for cyclists. Others hit them while looking at a phone or while distracted by passengers. Still others don’t provide enough space for the cyclist when passing, and unsafe passes can run cyclists off the road. These are just a few examples out of many.

If you’re involved in an accident with a vehicle while riding your bike, and you suffer serious injuries, you need to know about all of your options to seek financial compensation for your losses. Contact an Easton bike accident attorney to learn more.

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