TBI Long-Term Effects

Experiencing head trauma as the result of an accident can be very frightening and painful. An accident can happen in an instant, and the consequences can sometimes be life-changing. When you experience a traumatic brain injury, it can certainly have


Unprotected Left Turn

Think about a route you take frequently and count how many left turns you make and how many rights. If there is a high proportion of left turns, then you might want to consider changing things to avoid an unprotected


Car Accident Paralysis

What would it be like to lose the ability to use your hands, arms or legs? It’s hard to imagine, but many survivors of car accidents face this reality. In a car accident, you have a heightened chance of suffering


Why Do People Tailgate?

Tailgating other drivers is something we see a lot in Pennsylvania. Why do people tailgate? First, let’s cover what tailgating driving is. What is Tailgating? Drivers should keep a safe distance from each other. This way, if the front vehicle


What to do After a Slip and Fall Accident

A trip, slip and fall can leave you embarrassed and disoriented. It can also leave you with life-altering injuries. If negligence played a role in your slip-and-fall accident, you may pursue the property owner or management for compensation through a


Pennsylvania Hit and Run Victim Compensation

The aftermath of a car crash can be so financially extreme that the state actually mandates insurance coverage. You carry liability coverage so that you don’t potentially end up indigent due to someone else’s negligence or leave someone else permanently


Spotting After a Car Accident

Internal injuries can lead to bleeding that can prove deadly. Compared to external injuries, they will be far less noticeable. That said, if you understand what to look for, you may just spot something in yourself or another person in


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