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Factors that impact your stopping distance

For the most part, drivers across Easton, Pennsylvania, make their way around without running into problems. While there are hazards present on the roadways all the time, road users are pretty good at reacting to them.

If a severe hazard gets in your way, then you may need to slow down quickly or come to a complete stop. This is where stopping distances come into play. Stopping distance is related to the ground you have to cover before being able to come to a complete stop.

Generally, the shorter your stopping distance the better. Considering factors that may potentially increase your stopping distance can help to protect you from a collision.


Stopping quickly involves not only the physical process but the reaction time from your brain. Fatigue has been proven to negatively impact a person’s reaction time, which is why driving whilst tired is not recommended. If you are tired and your journey is not urgent, it is probably better to rest up until you feel fresh enough to hit the roads.

The speed you are traveling

Speed restrictions are in place for a reason, to keep road users safe. Even just a few miles extra per hour can make a drastic difference to your stopping distance. The faster you are traveling, the longer distance you will need to leave between you and the car in front.

The condition of your vehicle

Your tires and braking system play a crucial role in stopping your vehicle. If either are worn in any way, then your stopping distance will increase. Make sure you stay on top of vehicular maintenance and repair any issues that come up with the fundamental components of your vehicle.

Managing your stopping distances is just one way to protect yourself on the Pennsylvania roadways. Sadly, no matter what you do, you cannot always prevent an accident. If someone has caused you an injury whilst driving, be sure to explore your legal options. 

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