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Claiming The Insurance Payout You Deserve

At the Law Offices of Edward P. Shaughnessy, we assist clients with underinsured and uninsured motorist, property, disability and fire damage insurance claims. Our experience in these areas of insurance litigation has been of great benefit to our clients in securing the compensation they need following an accident.

If you need to make an insurance claim in any of these areas, don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a free initial consultation at our offices in Easton, Pennsylvania.

Taking Your Side Against Insurance Companies

Following a mishap that left you severely injured, your major source of recovery will come from an insurance company. However, when your insurance company, which has collected your payments for many years, is not cooperative in paying you for your injuries, you need legal representation.

At the Law Offices of Edward P. Shaughnessy, we have a thorough knowledge of this area of the law, coupled with an in-depth understanding of the insurance industry. That is what you should expect from an insurance claim attorney.

Please note that even if the responsible party has left the scene or just kept driving, you may still have a claim. Many attorneys have actually told their clients that they have no insurance claim simply because the responsible party is not known. This is not true.

The misconception of not being able to file an insurance claim causes many people to handle these matters on their own. The reality of the situation is that going up against an insurance company without legal representation is an unwise move that will most likely not secure the results you desire or deserve.

The best approach is to contact an attorney to see if you have an insurance claim. We pride ourselves on our experience, knowledge and integrity and are always candid about the legitimacy or potential success of an insurance claim.

For more information or for an appointment with an experienced insurance claim lawyer regarding a car insurance claim, disability claim or the possibility of insurance litigation, please contact us at 610-258-9955.

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