Motorcycle helmet myths

While experts agree that motorcycle helmets save lives, there are still a number of common myths making the rounds. These sometimes influence riders to forgo helmets when they would otherwise wear them. A few of these myths include: 1. You


Anxiety After a Car Accident

What is anxiety after a car accident? You get into a car accident when another driver merges into your lane without seeing you or using their blinker. The sudden impact knocks you into oncoming traffic, where your car gets hit


Key reasons why tractor-trailers crash

Naturally, accidents involving tractor-trailers happen for a seemingly endless list of reasons, some of which are very specific to that individual crash. A driver can’t see a foggy road, for instance, or a driver looks away while trying to eat


Feet on Dashboard Accident

Modern cars are very comfortable, and we spend a lot of time in them. Sometimes, especially if you’re on a long trip in the front passenger seat, it’s tempting to just kick back and put your feet on the dash.


The symptoms of a collapsed lung

If you get into a severe car accident, you could suffer from a collapsed lung. This is a very serious condition that could indicate that you have multiple internal injuries. It can be fatal. As such, it is imperative that


Emergency signs after a concussion

You get in a motorcycle accident and you hit your head on the other vehicle’s hood. You do have a helmet on, fortunately. You walk away from the wreck, though you feel a bit dizzy, and the doctor tells you


Rollover Accident in Pennsylvania

As a passenger, you may trust your driver’s skills enough to not think twice about getting into the vehicle. Nowadays, people commonly get into strangers’ vehicles through rideshare services and often still do not think much about whether those people


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