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Hand Injury From Car Accident

We often take the most crucial parts of our body for granted, and the hands are no exception. You use your hands in almost every aspect of your daily life. Whether you work as a manual laborer or office worker, then your hands play a key role. It is rarely talked about, but your hands are at a substantial risk during a vehicular collision. What are some of the more common hand injuries suffered during a crash? What can you do if a hand injury from a car accident has left you unable to work or function throughout the day? 

Common Hand Injuries in Car Accidents

Broken bones 

During an accident, it is instinctual to protect your head and facial area, and you’ll use your hands to do this. This means that your hands could take the brunt of any force, resulting in bone fractures. The hand is made up of dozens of bones, and the pain and recovery period can vary depending on the severity of the break and the area that has been impacted.

Your hands may swell, fingers might be misshapen, and the pain can be excruciating. Broken bones in your hand could put you out of action for a month or two, meaning that you cannot work or even carry out your regular daily activities. 

Soft tissue damage 

Even if you avoid fractured bones, there are other types of hand injuries that can impact your mobility. Nerves, muscles, ligaments and tendons can all be damaged during a crash.

Muscle tears and injured ligaments can leave you in severe pain for several weeks. Nerve damage could cause you to lose sensation and movement in your hands. You may require several months of rehabilitative treatment, and in extreme circumstances, nerve damage can be permanent.

Easton Car Accident Lawyer for Hand Injury Claims

A road traffic collision can leave you unable to work for some time. During your recovery period, you may be entitled to legal compensation. Making contact with a knowledgeable support network will help you to explore your options in further detail. Contact an experienced Easton car crash firm for more information.

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