Sexual Harassment

Counsel For Victims Of Harassment And Assault

Sexual harassment has no place in any type of work environment, while sexual abuse or sexual assault within a family is a crime that can forever traumatize a victim. If you have suffered through either of these horrific occurrences, you need an attorney who will be both aggressive in handling your personal injury case and compassionate to the personal aspects involved.

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Responding To Illegal Workplace Harassment

Workplace harassment or sexual harassment can occur in any industry. Whether you are a server or a high-level manager, your work environment can become hostile and altogether uncomfortable when a co-worker is making unwanted advances or threatening your career. It is a matter that must be reported to your immediate supervisor and dealt with internally. However, this should not prevent you from seeking outside counsel to determine if pursuing litigation is an option.

At the Law Offices of Edward P. Shaughnessy, we aggressively represent our clients who are victimized by sexual harassment. We can help secure damages for clients if their pleas were either ignored or their employer tolerated the sexual harassment. Our attorney will investigate your claim and interview any witnesses who also may be called upon to testify.

Offering Caring Assistance After Sexual Abuse And Assault

In handling sexual abuse and sexual assault cases, we have found that, unfortunately, many of these cases involve family members. Foster parents, adoptive parents and biological parents have all been accused of this heinous crime. Wives have been assaulted, battered and raped by their own husbands.

Cases of this nature must be handled delicately with a focus on the victim’s needs and the pursuit of justice. We work with psychologists, district attorneys, police investigators and child protective services. Emotions aside, we must uncover the facts and hold the abuser accountable in civil court.

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