Attractive Nuisance

The law has traditionally recognized the vulnerability of children to harm and imposed a duty on adults to protect children from unreasonably dangerous conditions. Courts have also considered public policy issues, such as how best to foster personal responsibility and


Vehicles With Lowest Fatality Rate

There are a lot of factors that go into fatality rates. For instance, if the rates are high for sports cars, is that because the cars are unsafe or because people tend to drive them at higher speeds? Are bigger


Car Accident Amputation

The physical trauma of a car accident amputation often overshadows the long-term reality of limb loss. People become so emotional in the immediate aftermath of a trauma that they may struggle to accept reality or fall into a deep depression


Car Accident Brain Injury

Car crashes can cause catastrophic injuries, especially in cases involving high speeds or passengers not wearing restraints. Some of the worst injuries that a person could suffer in a car crash involve damage to the brain. A car accident brain


Panic Attacks After Car Accident

Anyone who has ever experienced a panic attack will know how real and scary they can be. They can happen suddenly and seemingly come from nowhere. The fear that you experience can mean that you are absolutely convinced that you


When Should Seniors Stop Driving?

When should seniors stop driving? It’s difficult to tell an elderly loved one that they need to stop driving. However, it may also be impossible to avoid. If you need to have this conversation for their own safety — and


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