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Steps to Take After a Car Accident

Gathering Evidence Is Key

It falls to insurance companies to pay the medical costs of individuals who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents. But they do so reluctantly. Indeed, at every possible turn, insurers seek to underpay injury claims — and, whenever possible, try to deny them outright.

This is unfortunate. To obtain compensation, victims of auto wrecks often bear the rather complicated burden of proving the severity of their injuries. Yet because they are unfamiliar with how to assemble a claim or negotiate with insurers, such individuals often end up with less than they need to recover.

I can help. Drawing on more than 35 years of experience in the field, I work closely with accident victims and help them through every step of the claims process. I understand how to document an injury properly, and strive to maximize the funds my clients receive. If insurers fail to offer a fair settlement, I will assert my clients’ interests in court.

With offices in Easton, and serving throughout Pennsylvania, I can help you, too.

How To Document Your Injury

In the moments after a vehicle accident, it is unlikely that you will think of how to prepare the strongest possible insurance claim. Yet there are several actions that individuals should take in order to make sure that, later on, they are able to obtain adequate financial damages. These include:

  • Getting a police report — From the very outset, it is important to gather evidence that documents your accident and your injuries. A police report establishes an objective account of the scene of an accident, and is often essential to injury claims.
  • Taking pictures of the scene — Many people instinctively use their phones or cameras to take pictures of license plates, insurance cards and vehicle damage. To thoroughly document an accident, it is also important to take pictures of the surrounding area, capturing any tire markings and any factors that may have contributed to the crash.
  • Seeking medical attention and sticking to it — The most common mistake individuals make in their personal injury matters is failing to seek proper medical care. Like a police report, a doctor’s account of an injury can greatly support a claim. Likewise, it is crucial to follow your doctor’s orders closely. If an individual ignores medical advice, insurers can use this to prove that an injury isn’t as severe as one says.

Above all, you must refuse to speak with insurers or their attorneys without first consulting a lawyer of your own. Any statements you make are liable to be used to weaken your case.

Legal Support At Crucial Moments

If you have been hurt in a vehicle collision, reach out to an Easton car crash attorney at our office for assistance. I offer free initial assessments, so I can inform you of your options before you have to pay. Going forward, I take no fees unless we win, and fully explain all relevant costs and expenses.

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