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Size differences play a role in car accident severity

When two vehicles are involved in an accident, there are numerous factors that influence the severity of the injuries that affected travelers may suffer as a result of the wreck in question. How fast were the vehicles traveling at the time of the crash? Were people in the vehicles wearing their seatbelts? What other safety systems did those vehicles have?

Importantly, the size of the vehicle itself is going to play a big role. Specifically, height and weight are very consequential, according to those who study crash forensics. These factors can definitely contribute to the severity of any injuries that occur as a result of a particular crash.

Extra distance before the passenger compartment

One advantage that a larger vehicle has in a crash is it there’s more distance between the front of the vehicle and the beginning of the passenger compartment. This protects people in a similar way to a crumple zone, in that it helps to dissipate energy before the impact reaches them.

Pushing one vehicle backward

When considering weight, one of the important things to think about is the fact that a heavier vehicle is going to exert more force on the lighter one, pushing it backward. This also means that more force is put on the people within that vehicle, leading to more severe injuries. A two-person convertible that collides with a pickup truck is more likely to be pushed backward simply because of the vastly different amounts of mass involved.

Where the impact takes place

In some cases, size differences can change where an impact occurs. An example of this phenomenon occurs when an Easton underride accident, where a small vehicle goes underneath the trailer of a semi-truck, unfolds. When two vehicles are similarly sized, their bumpers and frames are going to collide. But when one vehicle is much larger, its frame can collide with the windshield of the other vehicle – or with the passenger compartment itself.

Seeking financial compensation

Have you suffered serious injuries in a car accident that another driver caused? If so, be sure you know how to seek financial compensation. This can help to cover wages that you may have lost, medical bills that were incurred after the crash, and much more. Contact an Easton motor vehicle lawyer today.

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