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Why Do I Need A Lawyer?

Many individuals try to settle their personal injury matters themselves. This is not an unreasonable undertaking. Insurance forms appear to be straightforward; insurers seem reasonable and helpful, ready to settle a claim and help one through the recovery process.

Yet it is often the case that appearances do not square with reality. Insurance companies may be eager to assist — but they are more eager to underpay a claim. The settlements they offer are frequently inadequate, and individuals find they have inadequate means to pay their medical bills and related costs.

This is why working with an attorney can be crucial.

What Is My Case Worth?

Having practiced in Easton and throughout Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley for more than 35 years, I have become quite familiar with a single question: How much is my case worth?

Of course, the answer varies. The value of one’s claim is determined by a number of factors, including:

  • One’s medical costs, both present and ongoing
  • One’s pain and suffering
  • The extent of damage to one’s property
  • Whether one lost wages as a result of being injured
  • The effect of an injury on one’s family

Victims deserve compensation for all of these considerations, yet the amount will change from case to case. Drawing on my experience, I am able to provide an accurate assessment of the damages to which you are entitled. (And, in fact, I will do so for free, without obliging you to retain my firm.) I can determine the funds you need to recuperate, and know — having seen it many times — that insurers will offer much less.

Advocating On Your Behalf

Beyond acting as claims appraisers, an attorney is crucial to maximizing and obtaining your compensation. Lawyers are skilled, for example, in negotiating with insurance companies when they propose unfair settlements. We can draw in the details of your case — the severity of your injuries, how they occurred, the medical attention you require — in order to leverage a favorable agreement.

Moreover, if insurers still refuse to a just resolution, I will fight on your behalf in court. I am adept at gathering the evidence needed to make a successful case, and offer my clients aggressive representation in my efforts to obtain their fair due.

We’re Here When You Need Help

If you would like to learn more about how an Easton injury attorney can help, reach out to my office. You can call me at 610-258-9955, or reach me online.

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