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When do Insurance Companies Start Surveillance

Someone Is Watching

Many individuals in the process of settling injury or disability claims are under surveillance. Most of them don’t know it.

The idea of being watched is unsettling. Yet insurance companies often have victims of auto accidents followed. They hire investigators to conduct video and in-person surveillance. They monitor victims through social media. It is all part of an effort to “catch” injured individuals and show that they aren’t as hurt as they claim.

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Am I Being Tailed?

How Private Eyes Keep Watch

Surveillance usually follows deposition proceedings, in which claimants make on-the-record statements about how their injuries prevent them from living as normal. Afterwards, insurers employ private investigators to monitor victims’ day-to-day activities. They are adept at using video recordings. Their tactics are subtle and sly. They do not follow injury victims directly and do not stand out in a crowd — it is their job to keep watch in secret.

Be Wary Of What You Post On Facebook

Increasingly, insurers are keeping tabs on injured individuals through social media. Simply put, they follow victims’ accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. This is problematic, as individuals — whether injured or not — often post images that do not reflect or accurately represent their normal day-to-day life. One might, for instance, stand for a pose with one’s family, even if standing has become quite painful. Nevertheless, insurance companies can use such images to deny a claim.

Public Information Checks

Beyond social media, there is a great deal of personal information floating around the internet. Insurance companies gather all the data they can about victims before entering the claims process. They conduct criminal checks, and accumulate information about one’s finances and marital status. They will also follow-up with any gyms, yoga studios and athletic clubs where you might be a member, and check in on your activity. In short, during the claims process, your privacy becomes much less private.

When You Need To Fight Back

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