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Reasons rural roads are more dangerous

Often, drivers will feel like they are experiencing a high level of risk when they have to drive in the city, mostly due to the complexity of the roads and heavy traffic levels. If they get to drive on a rural road, they will feel much safer because it seems a lot simpler and there’s not nearly as many cars.

However, when you compare the statistics and look at the number of fatal accidents that happen per mile driven, it becomes clear that driving on rural roads is actually more dangerous. Fatal accidents happen with a greater frequency, so your risks are higher. Why is this?

Proximity to the hospital

To start with, an accident on a rural road is likely going to be further from the hospital than a crash in the city. It may take an ambulance just a few minutes to arrive at a crash scene on an urban street, but it could take them a half an hour to find a crash site on a distant rural road. When every minute counts due to a person’s injuries, that can be a major difference.

Higher speeds

Another major reason is that the speed limits are higher. Fatal accidents are just more likely at higher speeds, especially on two-lane roads. Even drivers who follow the speed limit on a rural road are going faster than drivers who follow the speed limit in the city.

Risky behaviors

Some reports also note that certain risky behaviors are more common on rural roads. These include things like intoxicated driving or driving without a seatbelt. These things certainly happen in the city as well, but they combine with the other factors listed above to make the rural roads especially dangerous.

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