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Physical, mental repercussions of car accidents can last

For far too many people, car accidents can have lasting effects. Even if people do not suffer severe physical injuries, they can still sustain mental or emotional trauma that affects them for an extended period of time. Though you may have hoped to avoid involvement in this type of incident, you, like many other Pennsylvania residents, were not so lucky.

Most people find themselves involved in a car accident at some point. While some of those incidents may be minor, others are severe. You may have recently suffered serious injuries in a car crash and wonder how these injuries will affect you in the long term.

Recovery is different

First, it is important to note that every person’s recovery after a car accident differs. Some people may walk away unscathed, others with minor scrapes and bruises, and others still with severe trauma. Plus, some people may not show visible signs of injury but carry the emotional trauma of the accident. When it comes to the mental and emotional effects of a car accident, it is not unusual for anxiety to plague a person long after the crash itself. Insomnia and PTSD are also common emotional hardships resulting from wrecks.

In order to face those hardships, some people may need to see mental health professionals to receive treatment. While therapy can help, each person’s journey differs, and it can take time to see improvement.

Physical injuries

The amount of time you may deal with the effects of physical injuries can depend on the type and severity of the injuries you suffered. You may have needed surgery in order to address some of the more serious harm, and if you suffered a brain or spinal cord injury, you may experience repercussions that are permanent. Though you may see some improvement with therapy and other treatment over the weeks and months, you may not be able to fully recover certain abilities.


Unfortunately, car accidents can also lead to financial hardships that can affect you for an extended period of time. If you need to see a therapist, have to undergo medical treatment, need physical rehabilitative therapy or other treatment, the medical bills can add up quickly. Medical debt can lead to widespread financial issues, and you may find yourself struggling.

Rather than contend with those bills and expenses on your own, you may want to determine whether you have cause to file a personal injury claim against the driver considered at fault for the accident. If so, you may be able to pursue much-needed compensation for damages resulting from the crash.

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