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3 ways a spinal cord injury affects your finances

You can hurt your back or damage your spinal cord in many different ways. However, car crashes are one of the most common causes of spinal cord injuries in the United States. 

After a crash, an individual may immediately notice the loss of sensation in the affected part of their body or an inability to move. Other times, when a spinal cord injury is incomplete, people may notice pain, tingling or motor control issues. 

Regardless of whether the injury completely severed your spinal cord or not, there are going to be many personal and financial consequences for your injuries, including the three below.

Medical expenses

Spinal cord injury from a car crash will almost always result in emergency transportation to the hospital. You will likely then require diagnostic testing, trauma care and possibly surgery. Physical therapy may also be an ongoing expense, even after you finally leave the hospital.

Reduced earning potential

The more physically demanding your job is, the greater the financial impact of spinal cord injury will be. When you can’t perform the tasks of your job anymore, you will either need accommodations from your employer or to seek a new line of work. Moving from skilled, manual trade to a customer service position, for example, will likely mean accepting a notable drop in income.

Assistive technology and accessibility adaptations

The location of your spinal cord injury determines what symptoms you have, but you will likely need to make some changes to your home for any kind of spinal cord injury. 

You may need a ramp to get in the front door, an accessible bathtub and a grab bar in the bathroom. You may also need to spend thousands of dollars retrofitting your vehicle to add a wheelchair lift or to allow you to drive it using only your hands. 

Understanding the financial impact of a spinal cord injury will make it easier for you to negotiate compensation after a car crash. Working with an experienced advocate is wise. Contact an Easton, PA spinal cord injury lawyer to learn more.

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