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The long-term consequences of an amputation

A catastrophic injury can leave doctors with no option but to amputate a limb to save your life. Losing a limb can be a life-changing moment for anyone. Not only are you looking into having to adapt to a new way of doing things, but you may also need help to perform even basic tasks like feeding or cleaning yourself.

In a general sense, your quality of life may never be the same again following an amputation, as studies have shown. Below is what may drastically change.

Your career

Depending on your occupation, amputation could be career-ending. For example, think about a construction worker who needs all their limbs to perform their job. An amputation could mean an early forced retirement, and their financial security may be on the line. In addition, amputees may only be restricted to certain roles that don’t require much labor.

Your health and well being

An infection may develop at the amputation site for various reasons, such as improper care, further compounding your problems. Amputees are also prone to phantom limb pain, where one experiences pain at the remaining part of the limb. The pain can be moderate to severe and may require prescription medications to manage.

Your enjoyment of life

You may live in constant worry about what the future holds and even blame yourself for your predicament. All these can weigh in on your mental health, and you may find yourself withdrawn and always moody. You may not also be able to enjoy the activities that you used to before the amputation.

A lot may be affected by an amputation, which is why you need to be proactive in getting justice. Remember, you are entitled to compensation if another party’s negligence led to your injuries. Therefore, you need to ensure that you maximize the settlement amount. Your quality of life really matters, and while there might not be a price tag on it, getting adequately compensated will help you adapt to a new phase of life without a rush.

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