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Brain injuries may lead to mental disorders later in life

Brain injury victims are more likely to develop mental health disorders. This is because of how the brain is wired and the numerous nerves that may be affected by trauma.

About 1 in 5 people who suffer mild to severe traumatic brain injuries develop mental conditions later on in life. It may take months or even years, depending on various factors. 

It depends on the affected region of the brain

The severity or nature of the mental disorders you are prone to depend on the extent of the injuries and part of the brain that was injured. Different brain regions serve their specific functions, and the trauma may lead to a mental disorder associated with those areas. For instance, if the hippocampus is affected, depression is likely to develop, and if it is the right hemisphere, you may be prone to manic disorders.

Some of the common mental issues that brain injury victims are predisposed to include:

  •         Schizophrenia
  •         Bipolar disorder
  •         Depression and anxiety
  •         Aggressive behavior, among others

Medical advancements have made diagnosing and treating some of these mental disorders easier. The treatment course may involve medication or psychotherapy. Managing some of these conditions is not easy, but you can continue to lead a normal healthy life with a positive mindset and lifestyle while adhering to treatment.

The path to recovery also consists of getting justice. If someone else caused your injuries, you need to hold them accountable if they were negligent in their actions. With adequate compensation, you will not have to carry your mental condition’s financial burden all alone.

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