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Who can be held liable in a company car crash?

Driving a company car comes with a lot of responsibility. Even though it is not your own car, you still need to take care of it like it is. You also need to drive it like it is your own. There’s no need for recklessness when driving a company car. A common question that arises is, who can be held liable in a company car crash? We will answer that for you in today’s post.

One thing victims of car accidents involving company-owned vehicles must know is that employers who own those vehicles are typically held liable due to vicarious liability. This very well could prevent you from seeking damages from the driver of the vehicle, the employee of the company that owns the car. It all depends on the behavior of the driver at the time of the crash.

If the driver of the car, the employee, was not acting based on authorized activities by their employer, it is highly likely that the company will not be held liable for the accident. This means that you might be able to pursue damages against the driver of the vehicle.

If the driver of the car was using it on company time, but wasn’t performing approved activities by the company, the company might not be held liable for the accident. If the driver was performing an illegal activity, it’s the driver who might be held liable for the accident.

Been injured in a crash involving a company-owned car? Speaking with an experienced commercial vehicle accidents attorney in the Lehigh Valley can provide you with quite a bit of information and answers to difficult questions.

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