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How to Stay Safe Around Semi Trucks in Lehigh Valley

There’s no secret that the roads of Pennsylvania can be quite dangerous. With so many congested highways running through the Lehigh Valley area, accidents are commonplace. The area is a high-traffic zone for large trucks, also known as tractor-trailers. If you want to know how to stay safe around semi trucks, here are some tips for protecting yourself on the road around large trucks.

Stay Out of the Truck’s Blind Spots

Make it a point to stay out of the truck’s no zones. These are also referred to as blind spots, and they are very dangerous. You don’t want to drive in these zones for extended periods because it can lead to very tragic accidents. The two biggest no zones are on the right and left sides of the truck. If you find yourself in these zones and cannot see the driver of the truck in the truck’s mirror, then it’s likely the truck driver cannot see you.

If you’re worried that you are in a blind spot and the driver cannot see you, even with the mirrors, adjust your speed to move out of the area.

Leave Room When Passing

Passing a truck is tricky, even for the most seasoned of drivers. You don’t want to cut it too close, leaving little wiggle room for your vehicle or the truck. Make sure you pass the truck safely so that there is plenty of room left between your car and the truck so it does not clip the rear of your car.

Don’t Tailgate in Pennsylvania

Tailgating is something you should never do on the roads of Pennsylvania. This is especially important when driving near large trucks. Leave yourself plenty of room behind the truck in the event you need to stop suddenly.

The driver cannot see you. He or she may have no idea you are there at all. The truck’s own trailer blocks the view and creates a huge blind spot.

Leave a Wide Turn Radius

Large trucks require a wide turning radius. Make sure you remember this when sitting at an intersection. Don’t sit on the white line or past it, as a truck might not be able to safely make a turn towards you.

If you’re sitting in the left-hand turn lane and a truck is trying to turn into the lane next to you, back up a bit. That trailer may swing through your lane.

Be Patient

If you suddenly change lanes at a stoplight and cut off a bus or a truck, you could cause a rear-end accident.

Remember that trucks are often limited to a far lower speed limit than you are, and this is done for your safety. If you can’t get around, just wait. Never tailgate or drive aggressively.

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The size difference between your passenger car and a semi-truck or a bus puts you in significant danger when driving near them. Even a small mistake can lead to a devastating accident. Your car’s crash ratings do not give you that much comfort when you’re worried about your 3,500-pound car getting hit by an 80,000-pound semi. These tips can help, but they cannot prevent all semi-truck crashes. Those who are injured in these accidents must know all of their legal options.

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