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Unprotected Left Turn

Think about a route you take frequently and count how many left turns you make and how many rights. If there is a high proportion of left turns, then you might want to consider changing things to avoid an unprotected left turn. Here is why:

Unprotected Left Turns are More Dangerous

While it’s possible to have a collision when turning left or right, figures show that 61% of intersection collisions involve someone turning left. That’s one of the reasons why some delivery companies have taken measures to prevent their drivers from making lefts. The other reason is they found that a route with a lot of left turns generally uses more gas because it involves more waiting around with the engine running.

Why is the Left Hand Turn Dangerous?

Next time you jump into the car, notice how many vehicles you need to keep an eye on when turning right instead of when turning left. When you turn left, you cross over the oncoming traffic, so you must look for potential problems from far more directions than when turning right. As it only takes one misjudgment (from you or someone else) to cause a collision, the fewer variables you need to consider, the better.

Avoiding a Left Turn Accident

Try timing this on something like your commute to work. Think it’s crazy? Look into UPS “right turns”. Plan and follow a route where you eliminate most of the lefts and compare it to the one you currently take that probably involves several right turns. Evidence shows that routes that avoid lefts are often quicker because drivers spend less time waiting at intersections, even if they have to drive a little further overall.

Easton Auto Accident Attorney

Crashes could still happen when turning right, and if you are injured, you’ll need to find out how to claim compensation. Contact a motor vehicle accident lawyer in Easton today to learn more.

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