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Understanding paralysis after a car accident

What would it be like to lose the ability to use your hands, arms or legs? It’s hard to imagine, but many survivors of car accidents face this reality. In a car accident, you have a heightened chance of suffering from a life-long debilitating injury called paralysis.

Paralysis is the inability to voluntarily move your muscles. People who experience paralysis often are unable to sense touch in their affected areas. In many cases, people who experience paralysis have to seek disability accommodations, such as using a wheelchair. 

How does paralysis happen?

Brain signals go down the spine, which determine what and how your limbs move. The spine is the main contributor to this process, as it helps send these signals from the brain to your limbs along nerve pathways. When the spine or head is injured, these signals may be disrupted, causing paralysis. 

What are the different kinds of paralysis? 

Paralysis is often unique. Some people are paralyzed from the neck down, while others may experience temporary paralysis. There are several different names for the affected paralyzed area

  • Monoplegia: one area affected by paralyzes, like an arm or leg.
  • Hemiplegia: paralyzes that affects one side of the body, such as both an arm and a leg
  • Paraplegia: a lower body paralysis, which affects both legs and may include the hip and lower abdomen
  • Quadriplegia: affects both arms and legs, often from the neck down and can cause issues for organs

Paralysis often feels stiff, as if your limb fell asleep. Some people may find that their limbs are loose and limp after suffering from paralysis. Paralysis is also associated with numerous other problems, as the lack of muscle control and movement can affect breathing, kidney function, sexual function, the immune system and more.

If you’ve suffered injuries from a car accident and are experiencing serious medical conditions, it’s wisest to get legal help to ensure you’re properly compensated for your losses and have the funds to meet your needs. Contact a car accident attorney in Easton to learn more today.

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