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Was your finger fractured during a fall? 

Falls are one of the most common causes of accidental injuries in the United States. Elderly people are more susceptible to these types of accidents, but what makes falls so dangerous is that they can essentially happen to anyone in almost any location. 

During a fall, it’s a natural reaction to put your hands out, usually in an attempt to protect your head and facial area. Unfortunately, this means that your hands and fingers can take the brunt of the impact. The weight of your body can also put this area of your body under immense strain, leading to fractured fingers. 

Outlined below are some of the more common types of fractures to the fingers. 

Open fractures 

Open fractures are immediately noticeable to the victim not only because of the pain, but because the bone pierces through the skin, causing bleeding. This type of injury is not only painful but also traumatic because the bone becomes visible. 

Closed fractures 

Not all fractures are immediately noticeable and an x-ray might be required to make an accurate diagnosis. Closed fractures occur when the bone beneath the skin has broken.

Comminuted fractures 

Comminuted fractures are particularly serious because they involve the bone breaking into three or more pieces. Recovery may require extensive surgery, metal pins and more.

Fractured fingers can be debilitating because they prevent an individual from carrying out their daily activities. If you have suffered this type of injury, then you may also be unable to work for some time. If this is the case and your accident was caused by negligence, then you may be able to pursue legal compensation. This will not undo the injury, but it might help relieve some of the financial strain of being unable to work while you recover.   

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