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Tips for spotting distracted drivers in Pennsylvania

Distracted driving has become a major problem on the roads of Pennsylvania, so much so that law enforcement officials are doing everything possible to combat it. Whether drivers are distracted due to cellphones, music, eating, passengers or any other reason, they pose a real danger on the roads.

If you pull alongside a vehicle where the driver has earphones in, he or she is more than likely distracted. Driving with earphones in is very dangerous. It can cause the driver to zone out more so than simply listening to the radio in his or her car. They also won’t be able to hear the horns of other vehicles or the sirens of an emergency vehicle approaching.

There is a three-second rule at intersections. The three-second rule is followed by most drivers, who wait a good three seconds prior to accelerating after a light turns green. The three-second rule helps to ensure that the intersection is clear prior to advancing. Drivers who wait longer than three seconds to advance their vehicles are likely distracted. They might be reading the newspaper, playing with a cellphone or talking to their kids.

When a vehicle is being operated, it must remain in its lane at all times. When a car or truck starts to veer to the left or the right of the center lines, it’s likely that the driver is distracted, or even impaired.

A common sign of a distracted driver is when the vehicle brakes suddenly, without any reason based on the flow of traffic. A driver who brakes suddenly is either not paying attention or wasn’t able to determine how much time he or she would need to stop his or her vehicle.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a distracted driver, contact a distracted driver accident lawyer in Lehigh Valley to discuss your case and learn how you can recover damages for injuries suffered.

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