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Tips for improving your time in the hospital after an accident

A red-light-runner slams into your car and puts you in the hospital. You have extensive injuries, and you know you have to stay for more than a week. It’s a daunting amount of time. You’ve never really liked hospitals, and you worry about staying in that room for so long. What can you do to make it better?

First of all, don’t stay in the room at all if you don’t have to. If you are able to move around, even with aid — like a walker or a wheelchair — take the time to get out and about. You will be surprised by how much a simple walk down the hall can do to break up the routine and make you feel better.

Another important tip is to figure out who you can talk to that will help you when you need it. You may assume that means chatting with your doctor, but the reality is that you interact with the nurses a lot more often. Get to know them and talk to them about what you need to make the stay more enjoyable.

If possible, you also want to have a family member bring things for you from home. These could include:

  • Your pillow
  • Your toothbrush
  • Changes of clothes
  • A good book

If you feel discouraged in the hospital because you feel trapped, doing just a few simple things to make it feel more like home can really help.

Naturally, a long hospital stay like this is going to come with a large financial bill. Be sure you know how to seek compensation from the driver who hit you. Contact an Easton personal injury lawyer for more information.

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