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Important aspects of a car accident claim

If you have been injured in a car crash, filing a car accident claim is the first step towards recovering compensation for the damages you suffered. Therefore, understanding how such claims work will help you navigate the entire process.

Below are some of the crucial features of your car accident claim.


The value of your car accident claim depends on your damages. They include the direct or indirect financial losses as a result of your injuries. Hospital bills, property damage, and lost wages are some of them. You may have also endured emotional anguish, trauma, pain and suffering due to the accident, which all form part of the compensation package.


Did you have a part to play in the accident? Your level of fault or contribution to the accident will affect the amount you can recover in compensation. If you were 40% responsible, you can only recover 60% of the damages sought. However, you cannot receive any compensation if your contribution to the crash is more than 50%.

Relevant evidence

Evidence goes a long way in supporting your claim. First, you need formal medical evidence of your injuries that documents their nature and extent. It will help prove some of your damages.

Secondly, evidence from the accident scene is equally crucial. Police reports, surveillance footage and eyewitness testimony can help ascertain the circumstances of the crash and determine each driver’s level of fault.

Get help with your car accident claim

A lot happens with a car accident claim, from negotiations with the insurer and establishing each driver’s fault to a date in court if things get there. Therefore, getting the proper legal representation after a car crash can help protect your claim and legal rights. Contact an Easton car accident lawyer today.

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