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Economic troubles at least reduce car accidents

The economy is struggling lately. Many people are out of work for the foreseeable future. Some have less work than before. Businesses aren’t making money or, at least, aren’t making enough money. Products aren’t selling. Many industries, like the travel industry, are making almost nothing.

On top of that, even those who are earning are often saving up money for an uncertain future. They’ve heard that a recession is either coming or already in progress, and they want to set money aside. That’s wise, but it also means that money gets pulled out of the general economy.

These things may all sound like negatives, but there is one big plus side to this, as there often is with a struggling economy: People stop crashing their cars so often.

Accident rates drop. Those without money can’t afford to travel. Those without work have no reason to go anywhere. All of that means fewer cars and fewer accidents. A downturn in the economy does a lot of harm, but it also saves lives and keeps people out of the hospital.

How long will this trend last? These types of things are usually tied so closely to the economy that the numbers begin going back up as soon as the economy does. The real question is how fast it can recover. Until then, though, we may see lower and lower accident rates. Time will tell.

Of course, lower rates may be a positive thing, but they don’t mean that no one will crash. Those who still get injured in the accidents that do occur need to know what legal options they have.

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