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Don’t underestimate the impact of a crash-related amputation

The physical trauma of an amputation often overshadows the long-term reality of limb loss. People become so emotional in the immediate aftermath of a trauma that they may struggle to accept reality or fall into a deep depression that prevents them from speaking up for themselves. 

Losing a limb either because the collision itself caused the amputation or caused such severe damage that medical professionals had to amputate will drastically alter the course of your life. You will need help determining the long-term impact of the injury on your life and to seek the compensation that you deserve for such a catastrophic injury.

Medical costs don’t stop with surgery

Any surgery that aims to save a limb or an actual amputation procedure can cost tens of thousands of dollars. After such a dramatic procedure, patients often need rehabilitative services that could mean a week or more of inpatient care. 

Physical therapy is an important part of recovery, as are prosthetic replacement limbs. None of these services are cheap, and many of them can be ongoing. You may need to continue therapy indefinitely to help you adjust to your prosthesis or other assistive technology. The tissue around the amputation may also need additional attention to prevent any additional atrophy from happening.

Beyond that, you may require psychological support or counseling. All of that can carry a very steep price tag.

Amputations affect your income and your cost of living

Many people find that they can no longer do the same job or even work full-time after an amputation, depending on their career and how well their body recovers. As if lost wages weren’t enough, amputees often have more expenses than others, as they may require alterations to their clothing, upgrades to their home or even changes to their vehicles so that they can continue to live an independent life. 

You will need to look closely at the long-term financial implications of your amputation and the insurance coverage of the driver who caused the crash. Aggressive negotiations may be necessary to get you the compensation that you need. Other times, you may have no other choice but to file a civil lawsuit because the insurance falls woefully short of the financial impact of your injury.

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