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Common medical expenses incurred by motorcycle accidents

Motorcycles are fun to ride, especially during the warm weather months and with a group of friends. But, if safety is not a priority, they can become very dangerous. Even when the rider is being safe motorcycles can be dangerous because other vehicles don’t take the time to look for these vehicles. Today we will discuss common medical expenses incurred by motorcycle accidents.

The most common medical expenses incurred by a victim of a motorcycle accident is for ambulatory services. Depending on where the accident occurs, your ambulance ride might be covered by your insurance and it might not. This means insurance might pay for a portion of the ride and you are responsible for the remainder, or you could be on the hook for the entire cost. If you were hurt badly enough you might require ambulatory services from the hospital to a rehab facility and from the rehab facility back to your home.

Aside from ambulatory services a motorcycle accident victim will also incur hospital and doctor bills. Those bills could total in the thousands to tens of thousands depending on the victim’s insurance coverage and length of stay in the hospital. The range of tests performed on the victim as well as any surgeries required will also play a role in the amount of the bills.

Should the motorcycle accident victim return home, but require continued care in-home, he or she might be faced with paying these fees out-of-pocket too. It all depends on their health coverage and automotive insurance coverage.

Other medical expenses could include the purchase of a wheelchair, motorized wheelchair, oxygen tanks, CPAP machines, crutches, wheelchair ramps and other items to ensure the victim can still navigate their home. If the person becomes paralyzed or bedridden because of the injuries, a special medical bed will need to purchased and installed at the home.

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