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Commercial vehicle accidents are most common during the day

We know well that driving at night is more dangerous and increases accident odds. Young drivers especially understand this for two reasons. First, they actually find it harder and more intimidating to drive at night. Second, they have to spend designated hours driving at night to get a license, stressing the extra risks.

When you’re looking at accidents involving commercial vehicles, though, the statistics show that most accidents happen during the day. You typically cannot blame a lack of visibility due to low light for these crashes. They happen when the sun is out and everyone can see. So, why is it that they happen so often during what should be the safest times to drive?

A major part of the reason is simply that commercial drivers are driving for work. Yes, many long-haul truckers tend to drive at night to avoid traffic, since they already have limited hours. But your typical delivery driver, mail carrier, road construction worker or other professional driver is going to be in the car during the day. Many just work from nine to five like everyone else. Therefore, the most exposure to accidents is during the daylight hours, since there are just more commercial vehicles on the road.

Unlike long-haul truckers, though, commercial drivers are often on packed roads, in busy areas. They make frequent and sometimes unpredictable stops. They have strict schedules and may try to rush to keep up with them, or get distracted by work-related duties.

If one of these drivers causes an accident that injures you, be sure you know how to seek the financial compensation you deserve. Contact an Easton, PA commercial accidents lawyer.

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