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Bitten by a dog? Here’s what you need to know

If you’ve ever been bitten by a dog you know that it can be a painful ordeal. You may be dealing with an infection, permanent scarring, nerve damage, and pain. You may also have some mild to serious emotional trauma depending on the severity of the bite. 

Whether you were walking your own dog, visiting a friend who has a dog, or minding your own business when you were bitten, Pennsylvania has some strict dog laws that can help you get compensated for your medical expenses and damages following a dog bite. 

Pennsylvania dog laws

The dog laws in Pennsylvania are as follows:

  • Leash laws: a dog owner must maintain control of their animal at all times. The owner may build a fence to securely keep the dog in their yard. The dog must be on a leash if it is outdoors, not confined by a fence, and not otherwise tethered in place. 
  • Dangerous dog law: aggressive breeds are considered dangerous. In addition to registering them with the state, maintaining control, and having liability insurance, the owner of a dangerous dog must post clearly displayed and visible warning signs on their premises.  
    • A dog is considered dangerous when:
      • it causes injury or attacks a person when unprovoked
      • it causes injury or attacks another animal when it was unprovoked
      • it has a history of unprovoked attacks
      • it is used by any person to commit a crime 

Owners of dangerous dogs must abide by all of the laws pertaining to their dogs at all times. When a dog attacks, the victim can be left with massive injuries and permanent, disfiguring scars. The catastrophic consequences of such an injury can last a lifetime.

I’ve been bitten by my neighbor’s dog: What do I do?

If you’ve been bitten by a dog you must obtain proof of injuries and treatment costs. Seek experienced legal guidance who can help you deal with your claim and get the maximum compensation you are due for your injuries, lost wages, suffering and scars. 

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