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4 driving myths that lead to dangerous behavior

Rather than talking to professionals, young drivers often turn to friends or family members for advice. This advice is not always accurate. When myths get repeated over and over again, it can lead to dangerous behavior when people mistakenly believe that what they are doing is safe. Here are four myths to keep in mind:

It is fine to drive too slow

It’s not. The difference in speed between two cars often causes accidents, so driving too slow — going 35 in a 55-mph zone, for instance — can dangerously obstruct traffic. In some situations, you can even get a ticket.

Some mild speeding is fine

It is often repeated that “everyone speeds,” as if this makes it okay. The reality, though, is that even a little extra speed can make an accident more likely. In that accident, every extra mile per hour increases the odds of serious injuries.

Tired driving is still safe

It is not. Some experts note that fatigued driving can be just as hazardous as driving while intoxicated. Exhausted drivers have slower reaction times and may nod off behind the wheel.

Hands-free phones are not distracting

While it may be slightly safer than holding the phone or texting, a hands-free system still distracts you from the road. You may still make mistakes and you could get involved in an accident. Stay off the phone as much as possible.

Have you gotten involved in a car accident with a driver who believed these myths? If so, you need to know your legal rights to seek financial compensation. Contact a Bethlehem car accident lawyer to learn more.

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