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Work injury can cause shock and psychological trauma

Workers in high-risk industries in Pennsylvania and across the country are typically exposed to multiple injury hazards. Although catastrophic injuries and fatalities are usually well publicized, some accidents cause non-severe physical injuries that are often not treated. However, sometimes a work injury may cause life-changing psychological injuries that may not be immediately evident. Pursuing workers compensation benefits for such injuries may be difficult.

An iron worker who was part of a construction crew in another state recently survived a fall from a platform. An Occupational Safety and Health Administration spokesperson reported that the man was tethered with a protective fall harness, and that piece of equipment probably saved his life. However, it appears he struck a crane during the fall, and this caused his injuries.

The accident report shows that the worker was not seriously injured, but emergency workers said he showed symptoms typically evident in victims who have suffered shock. The worker was taken to a medical center. The incident is being investigated by an OSHA compliance officer.

Although this worker will likely recover from his injuries in a short period, the aftermath of the trauma he experienced when he fell may have a lasting effect. It is not uncommon for such a work injury to impair an individual’s ability to continue working in the same capacity. An experienced Easton workers’ compensation attorney can assist Pennsylvania workers who have suffered psychological workplace injuries with pursuing benefits through the state’s insurance program. Benefits may cover medical expenses and a percentage of lost wages.

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