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Shock After Car Accident

Shock after car accident–how common is it? Car accidents do not always impact people the way that they expect. These are traumatic events. If you get into a crash, it’s normal to go through a period of shock after the crash.

Shock After a Car Accident Affects Everyone Differently

Shock hits different people in different ways. It’s often the result of all of that adrenaline in your system. It can make you feel shaky or weak. You may have wide eyes and find yourself staring at nothing. It may be difficult or even impossible for you to talk to people, even medical responders.

In fact, some people describe it as a dreamlike state, a figurative temporary paralysis after a car accident. You almost feel that everything happening to you cannot be real. It’s hard to focus. You’re just drifting. Remember, there are both mental and physical components to shock. You can face some of them without others, or you can see both types of symptoms at the same time.

How Long Does Shock After Car Accidents Last?

How long will it last? For some people, it’s just a few minutes. For others, it lasts for hours. Still, others may not feel like they have fully recovered even days after the crash. It can take a serious mental and emotional toll. In some cases, it is just the precursor to more serious conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). They’ll start having panic attacks after the car accident.

If you do face some of these challenges after a crash caused by another driver, it’s important to know what type of medical care and assistance you need to overcome them. This may be costly, though, so you also want to know if you have a right to seek out financial compensation from the other party.

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