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Motorcyclists deserve equal respect on the road

Motorcycle accidents are a serious event for anyone. There is a good chance that a motorcyclist is going to be injured if he or she is hit by another car. For the most part, motorcycle riders are very safe and follow the rules of the road to a T. This is because they realize that the risks of driving without regard to the laws are way too great.

Many drivers forget that motorcyclists have equal rights on the roadways. Some drivers think that because these two-wheeled or three-wheeled vehicles are smaller, they don’t have to give them their rightful right of way. We know that this can lead to devastating crashes.

Think about this, when there is another vehicle involved in a crash with a motorcycle, there is a good chance that the other vehicle was at fault. Why? In two-thirds of these cases, the nonmotorcycle didn’t yield the right of way to the motorcyclist when the motorcycle had the right of way. This might not be intentional, but it can still have the same devastating impact of causing serious injuries or even death for a person who was just out riding his or her motorcycle.

There seems to be a prejudice of sorts when it comes to motorcyclists. Many people might automatically turn to the portrayal of these individuals in the movies. The big, burly, law-breaking vigilantes who are going to do everything they can to keep up a tough persona isn’t a valid way to portray most bikers today. We understand the challenges that this prejudice can bring in a personal injury claim. We are here to help you fight against it.

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