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Motorcycle helmet myths

While experts agree that motorcycle helmets save lives, there are still a number of common myths making the rounds. These sometimes influence riders to forgo helmets when they would otherwise wear them. A few of these myths include:

1. You cannot hear with a helmet on.

Hearing your surroundings is very important on a motorcycle. You need to know when cars are coming up around you, when drivers are honking their horns, or when emergency vehicles are approaching. Rather than preventing that, some helmets make it easier by cutting back on the sound of the wind.

2. The helmet’s weight puts your spine at risk in an accident.

It doesn’t. Modern helmets are not that heavy, and they certainly don’t make it so that you’re more likely to break your neck. Plus, considering how much they cut back on the odds of a head injury, they massively reduce your risks. They don’t increase them.

3. You lose your peripheral vision with a helmet on.

While a helmet may feel constricting, the reality is that the Department of Transportation requires a helmet to offer vision in 210 degrees. Your natural peripheral vision is about 180 degrees. You can still see just as well with a helmet on as you can without one.

Wearing a helmet may help you avoid serious injuries, but it does not guarantee you won’t get hurt in an accident. If you do, make sure you know how to seek financial compensation from the driver who caused the crash. It can help cover medical bills, lost wages and much more.

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