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Key reasons why tractor-trailers crash

Naturally, accidents involving tractor-trailers happen for a seemingly endless list of reasons, some of which are very specific to that individual crash. A driver can’t see a foggy road, for instance, or a driver looks away while trying to eat a late-night snack.

However, statistics and reports paint a clear picture of some of the most common reasons for these accidents, and they are absolutely worth considering. Knowing how crashes happen and why can both help to prevent future incidents and show you why you may have a right to compensation. A few common reasons include:

  • The driver gets too tired behind the wheel
  • The cargo in the back of the truck moves or shifts
  • The driver breaks the speed limit or fails to slow down when conditions warrant it.
  • The truck breaks down or suffers a serious defect on the road
  • A tire blows out unexpectedly, and the driver loses control
  • The driver drifts from one lane to the other without properly signaling
  • The truck leaves the highway and hits the shoulder, either causing an accident right away or causing the driver to overcorrect and crash
  • Something gets in the truck’s path, such as a car that stopped on the side of the road or an object that fell onto the pavement
  • The driver makes a mistake during a standard maneuver, like turning or backing up

Have you gotten injured in an accident with a semi that was not your fault? Maybe it occurred for one of the reasons noted above or another reason entirely. If you have high medical bills, you need to know what steps to take. Contact an Easton truck accident attorney to learn more.

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