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8 ways to stay safe in the car this year

It’s winter in Pennsylvania, which means most people have a bit of a heightened awareness of the danger on the roads. Winter storms can make these issues seem a bit more obvious than they are during the summer; drivers really understand that an accident is only one mistake away.

So, how can you stay safe in the car this year? Here are eight things that you should do:

  1. Stay off of your phone. Do not make calls, go online or send text messages.
  2. Put on your seat belt. Even for those short, safe drives, you always want to wear your belt.
  3. Never drink and drive. If there is any question about whether you’ve had too much, find another ride.
  4. Pay attention to the speed limit zones. A lot of accidents happen because of the difference in speed between two vehicles. Make sure you know exactly how fast you can safely travel.
  5. Slow down in dangerous weather. This is especially true while going around curves.
  6. Do not drive if you’re taking any types of drugs and medications that impair your ability. Remember that many perfectly legal drugs, like sleep aids, can be dangerous.
  7. Leave room between you and the car ahead of you. That cushion helps you react in time to anything that happens on the road ahead of you.
  8. Get enough sleep before you drive. People often do not realize just how dangerous it is to drive when you’re too tired, but it can absolutely cause accidents.

These tips can help you stay safe in any weather, but they do not guarantee that another driver won’t cause an accident. If this happens, make sure you know how to seek compensation. Contact an Easton car crash injury lawyer to learn more.

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