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Injured on the Job? You May Need Legal Help

Pennsylvania workers have certain basic rights related to workplace safety. However, some may not know what those rights are and what level of compensation to expect if they are injured on the job. Many victims of workplace injuries do not know where to start or what the workers’ compensation claims process entails.

Attorneys at the Law Offices of Edward P. Shaughnessy are available to support and guide injured workers throughout the proceedings. We will explain your basic rights and assess the circumstances of your workplace accident. You are likely entitled to coverage for medical care and treatment, as well as for lost income incurred while you are recovering from your injuries.

Sometimes, a work injury is caused by unsafe premises or defective equipment. We can help determine whether a product liability or premises liability claim may be viable in addition to a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. In a third-party claim, you may be entitled to additional compensation, such as pain and suffering, as well as other documented financial losses. The lawyers at the Law Offices of Edward P. Shaughnessy are experienced in representing injured workers in assessing these issues.

The Pennsylvania workers’ compensation process often involves both judicial and administrative hearings. Retaining the Eastons worker’s compensation legal services of Edward P. Shaughnessy ensures the dedicated support and guidance of an experienced lawyer throughout every step of the proceedings. If you have been injured on the job, the severity of your injuries and the health care services necessary to address them will play an important part in determining the level of financial relief sought on your behalf.

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