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Identifying Birth Injury Cases

When new babies are born to Pennsylvania families, it is imperative to observe the child’s progress and take note of any signs of birth injury. Not all birth injuries involve bruises and fractured bones, and some may only manifest over time. As a child develops, a birth injury may become apparent and may only be recognized by the time a child goes to school.

Parents may not be made aware of birth injuries that were caused during labor. Even a brief deprivation of oxygen, brain or spinal trauma may be concealed by the medical team, leaving parents unprepared for the consequences. In some cases, babies seem perfectly fine in the hospital and even after going home. Informed parents might recognize symptoms that are typical in babies who have suffered birth injuries, and anything that raises concern is best reported to the doctor without delay.

When some physical and health-related symptoms present in combination with physical symptoms, such as spasms or seizures, it may indicate birth injuries. However, some of these symptoms may present in children without birth injuries, but these symptoms need to be evaluated regardless. Also, when typical milestones are not met, such as walking and speech development, it may justify a medical investigation. For this reason, it may be best to start building a case for a medical malpractice lawsuit as soon as birth injury signs present rather than waiting for symptoms to develop.

Birth injuries can lead to ongoing medical and care expenses, and parents are entitled to pursue litigation to obtain the necessary funds to enable them to adequately care for the affected child. The best course of action for Pennsylvania parents may be to consult with an experienced birth injury attorney to support them throughout the navigation of a medical malpractice lawsuit in a civil court. A lawyer will also be able to ensure that legal action is taken within the statute of limitations.

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