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The symptoms of a collapsed lung

If you get into a severe car accident, you could suffer from a collapsed lung. This is a very serious condition that could indicate that you have multiple internal injuries. It can be fatal.

As such, it is imperative that you know what symptoms to watch out for. Even if you think you were not severely injured initially, if you suffer from these symptoms, it is time to go see a medical professional to get checked out. A few examples include:

  • The sudden onset of serious chest pain
  • A tight feeling in your chest, as if it is very constricted
  • A sharp pain that perhaps gets worse when you try to breathe
  • Difficulty catching your breath or drawing deep breaths
  • Very quick, rapid breathing to make up for this lack of oxygen
  • An increased heart rate
  • Feelings of intense and unexplained fatigue
  • A cough, especially one that is painful and will not go away
  • A slight blue tint to your skin, which is called cyanosis and happens when your blood does not carry as much oxygen as it should.

These symptoms are often very serious and there is no mistaking the fact that something is very wrong. However, every minute counts, and some people do not realize how severe their injuries really are. Do not hesitate to seek out medical treatment if you even suspect that you may have a collapsed or damaged lung, especially if you have been through a traumatic car accident.

Of course, this treatment can get expensive, so you also want to know your legal options to seek financial compensation. Contact an Easton internal organ damage lawyer for more information.

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