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Motorcycle accidents are often caused by reckless vehicle drivers

Generally, motorcyclists in Pennsylvania are more vulnerable than motorists. Not only are their bikes not as visible as four-wheel vehicles, but they also do not have the protection of enclosed motor vehicles. Helmets and protective clothing, while helpful, are usually not sufficient to prevent serious injuries. Unfortunately, it’s not surprising that catastrophic injuries and even fatalities often result from motorcycle accidents that involve other vehicles.

Victims of such accidents deserve the representation of attorneys who will protect their legal rights. The PA motorcycle injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Edward P. Shaughnessy are aware of the dangers motorcycle riders are exposed to and also the impact that serious injuries can have on the lives of victims. We will always endeavor to obtain financial relief for expenses and other monetary damages related to accidents caused by the negligence of others.

The injuries common to motorcycle accidents can be life-changing, and our attorneys will work to recover compensation for current and future medical bills and other losses. Ongoing costs may include rehabilitative and physical therapy, along with equipment such as prosthetics and wheelchairs that may be required to provide victims with mobility. In order for some victims to continue earning incomes, vocational rehabilitation may be necessary.

The consequences of Pennsylvania motorcycle accidents may necessitate costly adjustments to living conditions, such as the building of ramps and widening of doorways to accommodate wheelchairs. The attorneys at Edward P. Shaughnessy will also consider the need for caregivers to assist in daily activities. We will not shy away from facing judges and juries if that is what is required in pursuing full and fair compensation.

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