Lawyer for Highway Accidents in Lehigh Valley

The Region’s Most Dangerous Road

The Lehigh Valley north of the Philadelphia metro area includes many of the most heavily traveled highways in the region. Interstates and state highways carrying drivers and travelers throughout the region are also among the most dangerous. Too many drivers are speeding, aggressive, driving under the influence of alcohol, are uninsured or talking on the cell phone, instead of obeying the laws of the road.

I am personal injury litigation attorney Edward Shaughnessy. The Lehigh Valley has always been my home. I have driven on the roads and highways throughout the region since I was old enough to get behind the wheel. I know the hazardous conditions and the negligent behaviors frequently lead to highway accidents. I also work with accident reconstruction professionals and independent experts to investigate, prepare and support your injury or wrongful death claim with the strongest evidence possible to obtain a full and fair insurance settlement or jury award.

Assessing Your Case And Your Options

Just because you were involved in a car accident on a local highway doesn’t mean you have a negligence case against another driver. I offer a free consultation to review the circumstances of your claim and explain your options. I will not steer you down the road to a lawsuit if I do not feel you will financially benefit.

Call me if you need to discuss your claim for any type of motor vehicle accident, including:

  • I-78 accident in Pennsylvania or New Jersey
  • I-80 accident in Pennsylvania or New Jersey
  • I-476 accident in Pennsylvania
  • State Highway 22 crash
  • State Highway 33 accident
  • State Highway 611 accident

Obtaining Compensation For Your Injuries

Call my office at 610-258-9955 or send an email to arrange a free consultation. If your injuries or circumstances won’t allow you to travel, I may be able to arrange a meeting at a location and time convenient for you and your family.

I handle all car accident and civil litigation cases on a contingency fee basis, which means you do not pay attorneys’ fees* unless and until we win.

*Prior to signing a retainer agreement, we will fully explain certain costs or expenses you may be responsible for in the event that no recovery is obtained.

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