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What can a nearly fatal car accident teach you about life?

Getting into a nearly fatal car accident has a lot of negative ramifications. Your car is totaled. You have high medical bills. You end up dealing with a lot of pain and suffering. Your injuries take a long time to heal. This is the type of event that can change your life forever.

That said, not all of those changes are bad. Many people who go through near-death experiences actually say that they learn a lot of positive things from the experience. What could it teach you about life? How could it change the way that you live?

For instance, many people come back to stress the importance of loving those around them. They say that it “never hurts” and that it’s the “highest purpose” that people have while they’re alive. They claim that people need to put their differences aside, abandon hatred and focus on loving others whenever they can.

Others stress the importance of acts of kindness. Some talk about the value of spending time with family and doing things that they enjoy. They have an idea of how short life can be, and it forces them to think about how they lived. In that moment, when they didn’t know if they would survive or not, it made it clear to them how they wished they had lived. After pulling through, they were able to take that knowledge and change their lives.

If you do get into a serious accident, try to look for the positives and the things you can learn. At the same time, be conscious of the very real costs in your life and find out what rights you may have to compensation.

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