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Watch for these hazards when driving during the fall season

The fall season in the Lehigh Valley is one of the most popular among residents and tourists. There’s so much that nature has to offer, including the changing foliage. As the fall season moves forward, more and more dangers lurk on the roads of the area. Here are some common hazards you must be on the lookout for this fall season.

The fall months between October and December are very dangerous for drivers due to deer mating season. Deer are out in numbers during this time as they mate and prepare for the winter weather. You will see more of them running along the side of the road and running into the road. Take extra caution when driving at dawn and dusk, as these are the most common times deer are active.

The fall season also brings wet leaves. The fall foliage can be incredibly beautiful but once those leaves fall to the ground, they can cause plenty of problems. Wet leaves reduce the traction on your vehicle’s tires, which can cause you to spin out of control. Leaves can also hide potholes and other debris on the road that can damage your car.

You might’ve noticed that the sun sits lower in the sky during the fall. This causes some pretty severe sun glare in the afternoon. Be sure you have sunglasses with you at all times. If the glare is too strong you should always pull safely to the side of the road until you can clearly see in front of you again.

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