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The Costs of Medical Care for Brain Injuries

Finding Experienced Representation Pays Dividends

The effects of a brain injury range from mild to severe. While some endure temporary dizziness or headaches, others may be wholly impaired. Individuals often suffer vision and hearing loss or lacking motor coordination. In many cases, the effects are significant yet subtle; often enough, victims may have problems with memory, speech, and other cognitive abilities — and not even know it.

So, for those asking, “Why do I need a personal injury lawyer?” Here’s why!

As such, it is important for victims and their family members to consult with an attorney who is experienced in helping individuals who have withstood cerebral trauma. My firm has more than 35 years of experience in such matters. And indeed, we leverage our experience to our clients’ benefit. It takes time to understand the legal processes related to brain trauma; drawing on our acquired knowledge, we seek to maximize compensation for those we represent.

How Much Will My Medical Care Cost?

One of the primary concerns that arise from cases of brain injury is how much medical care will be required. Simply put, a great deal of the compensation that individuals are eligible to receive is based on the extent of their medical costs. Insurance companies, however, rarely offer settlements that will fully cover one’s medical expenses. In fact, they often deny claims outright, as the very existence of a brain injury can be difficult to prove.

My mission as a lawyer is to ensure injured individuals receive the care they need — and the funds they need to pay for it. Over the last two decades, I have cultivated relationships with neurologists, neuropsychologists and related practitioners. These experts assist in establishing the existence and severity of a brain injury, determining a proper course of treatment and accurately assessing its costs.

This information is integral to all related legal matters. The expert testimony can be used, for example, both inside and outside the courtroom; it serves as a basis to make sure insurers provide adequate compensation to injured parties.

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