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Pennsylvania has 3 of the country’s most dangerous highways

Can you stay safe in your car simply by avoiding the most dangerous highways in the nation? While an accident can happen anywhere, it is worth considering that some roads have a lower level of inherent risk than others. Knowing where you face the greatest dangers can help you pick the safest possible route. This may not prevent a crash, but it can lower the odds.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration used crash fatality data to pick out the top 10 interstates that pose the greatest risk of a fatal accident. As it turns out, three of them run through Pennsylvania. They are:

  • Interstate 70, at No. 9 overall
  • Interstate 80, at No. 7 overall
  • Interstate 95, at No. 2 overall

If there is any saving grace here, it is that Pennsylvania does not see traffic from the No. 1 most dangerous interstate in America, which is Interstate 10. It runs along the bottom of the country, between California and Florida, passing through many southern states that always have high fatality totals. They include places like Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and other hotbeds for deadly accidents.

That said, having three of the top 10 highways all pass through a single state means that Pennsylvania sees its fair share of risks. If you can’t avoid using these roads, make sure you wear your seat belt, follow the speed limit and keep your eyes on the road. You must stay safe when an accident is likely.

If you do get involved in a crash caused by another driver, it’s time to look into the rights you may have to financial compensation. Contact a Pennsylvania car accident injury lawyer to learn more.

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