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New drivers should remember important safety rules

Getting to drive by yourself is an exciting time in a teen’s life, but it’s one that comes with great responsibility. It’s imperative that new drivers remember some basic safety rules to minimize their risk of being involved in devastating collisions.

One of the most important things that teens must do is put their phones away. There is no reason at all for a teen driver to have a phone in their hand. They should be fully focused on their driving duties. When they get distracted, they can miss out on important events and end up in a crash.

How else can teens remain safe as they drive?

Before putting a vehicle in gear, the driver must ensure that all accessories are set in their proper positions, e.g., the mirrors and the seat position. It’s also imperative that everyone in the car wears a seatbelt.

Once they are licensed to drive, teens should ensure that they drive at a safe speed and keep the proper distance from the vehicle in front of them. Tailgating is problematic because it doesn’t leave time for a driver to react if the vehicle in front of them slams on the brakes.

Remember that the stopping distance in a vehicle is directly affected by the road conditions. It will take longer to stop on wet pavement, so don’t try to stop at the last second if it’s raining.

It is possible that an inexperienced teenage driver will make an error and get into a wreck. Anyone involved in that incident should get the medical care they need. The injured parties might opt to seek compensation from the negligent driver’s auto insurance company for the damages related to the crash.

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